Thursday, May 18, 2017

IAHH Character Trait

During the book Incident at Hawks Hill we were introduced to many characters. One of the characters in the novel was John. He was always willing to help anybody. Weather it was helping his father, or searching for his brother he was always willing to help. He was even the that found Ben in the hole. This trait could also definitely help me in real life. Such as in situations like at home and having to clean or watch my brothers.

IAHH Theme

During the past week we have finished the book Incident at Hawks Hill. One of the main themes I got out of this book was the theme of never give up. I got this theme because of the story of Ben. He was lost and living with a badger in hole, but he still made it through. That is why I believe this is one of the main themes of this book.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Multiple Things At Once

IAHH- During some of the past few chapters of Incident at Hawks Hill Ben has been lost in the wild. During these chapters I have learned how in certain circumstances people will do things they would never think about doing. Such as eating a rat, or licking a badgers paw to clear a scab from it.

Scope- While reading a scope article this morning over Japanese Americans being forced into camps during WW2. I learned how they were forced to sell almost everything. They lived in camps with very bad conditions. Then at the end of the war they could just leave. They had absolutely nothing, no jobs, houses, cars, nothing.

NewsELA- Whilst reading an article on NewsELA over how robots could potential stop invasive species. I completely agree with this being a good thing. I hope the technology they are developing works, and can rid many places of species that are not supposed to be there.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Career Letter

Parker Lindsay
315 N. Church St
Oak Harbor, OH 43449
May 5, 2017

First Energy Corp
5501 OH-2
Oak Harbor, OH 43449

Dear First Energy Corp,

My name is Parker Lindsay. I am a seventh grade student at Oak Harbor Middle School. I have always wanted to pursue a career in engineering and when looking up different types I became interested in nuclear engineering. I decided to write to your corporation because you guys are very close to where I live. These are some questions I would like to ask.
  • How many years of college would you recommend to get a good job in this industry?
  • What are some of the best colleges in the US for this type of engineering?
  • What subjects in school would be most important to get a job as a nuclear engineer?
  • What are some of the toughest parts of this job?
  • Is there a certain book I should read or person I should talk to?
Those are just some of the many questions I have about this job. I would also like to thank your company for giving my house and many others, and I hope you answer some of my questions so I could possibly do the same. I would really like to do something in this industry.


Parker Lindsay

The Week Overall

This week has been alright. We have read more of "Incident at Hawks Hill" which is a book I am interested in. We have done a vocab test that I did pretty good on. Our class also had very little homework.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

School Days Should Stay The Same

I do not believe that we should make school days longer. This is because we will not have as much time to do extracurricular activities, or just to relax and watch some T.V.. I also do not believe the school days should be shorter either. This is because we will not be learning what we need to, or not having enough time to do which could bring down test scores and grades.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Career Ideas?

In class today we were told to brainstorm some ideas for our life. I have always wanted to be some type of an engineer. They pay well, and are not very stressful. The type of engineer is the problem. Some of things that really stand out to me are Mechanical Engineer, Technological Engineer, or a Nuclear Engineer. I really don't know so I guess I will just have to decide.